Holding A Private Cremation Service On Your Property

If you recently experienced the death of a loved one, you are most likely going through a range of emotions while dealing with grief for the loss of someone you spent time with. If your loved one specified they would like to be cremated after their passing, holding a ceremony in their behalf is a great way to say goodbye while honoring their life with others who had also cared for them. [Read More]

Tips For Setting Funeral Goals When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Pre-planning your funeral is a brave and considerate choice. Since death is inevitable for every human being, it makes sense to pre-plan your funeral and take charge of how you'd like your memorial service to someday be conducted. Funeral goals outline exactly what you hope to accomplish with the service. When you are pre-planning your final plans, it's a good idea to set funeral goals that you can share with your closest loved ones. [Read More]

Three Ways A Funeral Home Can Reduce Stress Versus An At-Home Burial

At-home burials are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and it's true they can be budget-friendly and good for the environment. However, they can put a lot of strain and responsibility on your family at a crucial point when they're in the grip of grief. Here are three ways that a funeral home can help your family during this time if you choose a funeral home over at-home burial. 1. Removing the responsibility for preparations [Read More]

Three Ways To Personalize A Funeral

Funerals serve as a way to pay your final respects to the deceased. They allow family and others who are grieving the loss of a loved one to find support and comfort in the company of others. While a traditional funeral service often includes the dearly departed at the front of the room in an open casket with a minister or other official presenting a eulogy, customs and practices have changed in recent years. [Read More]