tips for planning a funeral for yourself

Common Funeral Planning Questions Answered

Death is an unpleasant but unavoidable aspect of life. Planning for this inevitability is something that many people may not fully understand. In order to be better prepared for this process, there are several important questions that you may need to have answered.

Are There Options For Those That Want An Environmentally-Friendly Funeral?

It is a reality that traditional funerals will often be very damaging to the environment. This can be due to the large amounts of space cemeteries require, the use of embalming fluids, and the chemicals released into the soil from the casket. Not surprisingly, those that care for the environment may want to minimize these impacts. Fortunately, there are many environmentally-friendly funeral services that you will be able to consider. For example, cremation is often far less damaging to the environment, and this is particularly true when the crematorium uses renewable power sources. There are also caskets that can be purchased that are free of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Does The Planning Process Have To Wait Until A Person Has Died?

It is often assumed that the planning process for a funeral should wait until the person has passed away. However, this can cause the survivors to find themselves managing both the grief that they have suffered as a result of the death as well as the logistical challenges of organizing a funeral for their loved one. By taking the initiative to plan your funeral before your passing, you will be able to spare your loved ones this type of difficult burden. Furthermore, you will be able to ensure that your ceremony is planned exactly according to your wishes. Otherwise, it could be very difficult for your survivors to accurately anticipate what you would have wanted for this ceremony.

Will Insurance Cover The Costs Of The Funeral?

It is frequently assumed that insurance will always cover the costs of a funeral. However, the only insurance that will typically cover this type of expense will be a life insurance policy. There will also be strict policy limits in place when it comes to the amount of compensation that will be provided. If you want to help your survivors avoid paying for these services themselves, the best option will be to prepay for the funeral service while you are still alive. This will help you to avoid situations where the insurance wrongly denied the claim, or other bureaucratic problems that can cause unnecessary stress for your surviving family.