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Memorial Keepsake Gifts For Honoring Your Loved One

As you plan a funeral for a close family member, you may want to consider tending to the emotional needs of your relatives during this difficult time. There are several wonderful options for memorial gifts you can use to help those you love cope with the grieving process while creating a touching way to honor the person you've lost. Here are just some of the many options available.

Memorial Garden Stone

Memorial garden stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be made to look like a small head stone or a more decorative rock. They are typically engraved with your loved one's name, and they can also include an inspirational quote or psalm. These stones are a wonderful option for relatives who live far away from the cemetery and would like to keep a reminder close by. They can also be ideal for honoring a loved one who has chosen cremation and has no marker in a cemetery.  

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry offers a touching way to remember your loved one. You can select from a number of styles, including photo pendants, charms, key chains, and rings. If your loved one has chosen cremation, you can purchase memorial jewelry with a capsule inside that holds some of the cremains. This option is ideal for the parent or child of the deceased, as well as for siblings.

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box engraved with your loved one's name can be the ideal gift to accompany a piece of family heirloom jewelry or other memento being passed down to a relative. You can also opt for a box engraved with a religious quote, angels, flowers, or other comforting design. This is a wonderful option for children or grandchildren of the deceased.

Memorial Photo Books

Memorial photo books make beautiful gifts to pass out to all of your close relatives. Ask friends and relatives to provide pictures you can use at the funeral service, and ask your funeral home director for assistance with scanning all of the images so you can incorporate the images into the funeral service, and save a copy of the images to use when you create the memorial photo album. You can use the digital images to order printed photo books, which can be given to your loved ones after the funeral services have ended.

Your funeral home director can help you to find the right choices for memorial keepsake items, and he or she can also assist you with ordering these products. Discuss your available options and the people you wish to give these memorial gifts to, and help them to honor the life of your loved one.