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What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting A Headstone?

A loved one's headstone can serve as a testament to his or her life and be a way to express the love of family and friends. Choosing a headstone might seem like a simple task, but there are many small considerations that determine which one is right. To help with your selection, here are some factors that can influence the appearance of the headstone.  

Laser Etched Vs. Traditional Engraving

Due to advances in technology, you have an additional choice when it comes to the engraving on the stone. You can opt for laser etching or the traditional method.  

Laser etching involves the use of high tech lasers that precisely cut the headstone. If you want a portrait or large image placed on your loved one's headstone, laser etching is a good choice. The laser allows it to make fine cuts that will more accurately capture the image than traditional engraving. There is a downside to laser etching. Over time, the etching wears away faster than traditional engravings. 

Traditional engravings are sand blasted onto the headstone. As a result, the cuts are deeper, which means they last longer. This style of engraving is also cost-effective. Even though it is less expensive, the headstone can still feature a beautiful design that does not look inexpensive. The one limitation to the traditional engraving is that more intricate images might be too complex for the technique.  

Headstone Materials

There are several materials available for the headstone. In the past, many people opted for marble because of the various colors and patterns that were available. However, other materials are also being chosen now due to marble's lack of resistance to environmental factors.  

For instance, granite is an increasingly popular option for headstones. It is highly durable like marble and can be carved into a number of shapes. Unlike marble, granite is capable of withstanding various environmental factors that can cause it to fade.  

A cost-effective option for a headstone is concrete. The concrete can closely mimic the appearance of other more expensive materials, such as stone and granite, without weighing heavily on your budget. The concrete stone can even be dyed to look like other stones.  

To learn more about your headstone options, consult with a memorial retailer. Not only can you find out more about the choices available, you can receive guidance on how to make selections that will reflect who your loved one was. To learn more, speak with someone like Maurice Moore Memorials.