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Special Gifts For Close Loved Ones At A Funeral

When you have to deal with a funeral on top of the loss you are already experiencing, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. One thing that can help the feelings of anxiety that can pop up during this difficult time is to focus your energy on things that will help you and others honor the memory of your lost loved one. You may consider getting one or more of these special gifts for others who were close to the person who passed away.

Special Gift: Signature Necklace

Someone's handwriting is so personal, and since it is unique to an individual, looking at your lost loved one's handwriting can be immensely comforting. It can bring to mind past notes written to you. You can now have necklaces made with charms that recreate someone's handwriting. You can have a word or a phrase recreated in gold, silver, bronze, or some other material.

The options are endless for which words or phrases you may choose, especially if you have a lot of papers that were written by hand by the deceased person. So you may choose a sweet word that the person wrote and have it recreated. If you have a note that the deceased person wrote to a loved one, you may use that instance where the lost loved one wrote the name and have it recreated on a necklace. That will likely surprise and delight the recipient.

Special Gift: Customized Memorial Scrapbook

You may choose to have a memorial scrapbook made from a photo printing service. It can include photos of the lost loved one, and you may have as much or as little text as you want. Instead of just assembling one for your own personal enjoyment, you can have multiple copies printed, then give them to those who were closest to the deceased person.

If you decide to make a customized memorial scrapbook to give out to multiple people, you generally want to make it more broad than you probably would if you were making it just for you. Keep especially private memories to yourself and share things that will make others smile, laugh, or nod in remembrance of the loved one who has passed away.

Finally, keep in mind that giving one of these special gifts can be healing to both you and your fellow mourner. There is no one clear path through grief. It's a process that is different for everyone. By finding special ways to honor the memory of your loved one, it can be easier to look back on the good times, and you may find yourself a little further down your healing journey. For more help during this time, contact a funeral home.