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How To Help Others At A Cremation Service

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one who had a big heart for helping others, it can be hard to imagine the person taking a break from doing good. Going to the crematory can be hard when you are thinking of the vibrant spirit of a charity-minded loved one. The good news is that you can continue to follow the person's lead when you make the choice to help others at the cremation service. Here are simple ways that you can help others during your loved one's memorial service.

Request That a Donation Be Made In Lieu of Sympathy Gifts

A lot of people are not crazy about receiving flowers at cremation services or funerals. They can pile up and feel like a burden instead of a comfort. If you are not crazy about receiving flowers and prefer to do good with the sympathy gifts people wish to offer, you can ask that people make donations to a charity instead of sending flowers or other gifts. Since this practice is becoming more common, people are likely to be wholeheartedly accepting of this request and may make generous donations.

Leave a Note in the Cremation Program That Provide Volunteer Information

The cremation program is a great way to help those who attend learn more about the deceased person as well as keep track of the order of things at the memorial service. You can also use it to educate people about your loved one's favorite causes and charities. You can include a section in the cremation program about how one can volunteer for organizations that are near and dear to the person's heart, and you may also include a part at the start of the program where you suggest people give donations to a certain non-profit organization in memory of your lost loved one.

Have a Toy or Canned Goods Collection at the Memorial Service

A more unusual option to help others at the cremation service is to have a toy drive or canned goods drive for a local shelter or charity. If you choose to do this, it's important to let attendees know about it at least a day or two in advance so they have time to gather donations to bring to the cremation service. You may also mention it during the cremation service and let people know the best ways to continue donating in the person's honor.

Finally, keep in mind that you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to helping others at the cremation service. When you consider the causes that were closest to the deceased person's heart, that can help guide the way as you decide on the best ways to honor your loved one's memory while also helping others.