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Guide to Including Personalized Ornaments at a Cremation Service

If you experienced the loss of a loved one who was really into celebrating the Christmas holidays each year, one of the best ways that you may honor the person at their cremation service is to have a Christmas tree on display. This is fine for any time of year when the person was a big Christmas enthusiast.

It would be even better if you filled the tree with customized memorial ornaments that attendees could take home in remembrance of the deceased person. Here is how you can arrange that for a cremation service.

Gather Your Supplies

It's important to get together all that is needed to create these holiday ornaments. First, you need to get a count of how many people will attend the cremation service, then make double that amount of Christmas ornaments. The greater amount of ornaments is to err on the side of caution in case more people come than you imagine, You may use this checklist of supplies to ensure you get what you need:

  • Transparent Christmas Ball Ornaments with Removable Tops
  • Small Photos of the Lost Loved One (One per Ornament)
  • Decorative Paper
  • Pens
  • Small Trinkets

The transparent Christmas ball ornament and most of the supplies can be found at many craft stores. Be sure the small photos are reprints of pictures you have to save elsewhere.

Assemble the Ornaments

It's physically easy to make these ornaments, but it may be emotionally difficult for some people. If you have a problem with it, don't hesitate to ask for help from fellow mourners. You don't have to assemble them yourself. If you decide to make them yourself, follow these instructions.

Remove the top from the transparent holiday ball ornament. Carefully slide the photo into the ornament, making sure that it looks attractive and represents the memory of the person well. Next, slide in other things you'd like as decoration of the ornament. That can include hand-written notes that declare your love for the person or charms to represent the person's hobbies.

Include Them in the Cremation Service

On the day of the cremation service, ask a small group to assemble everything that's needed for the tree. You may choose to decorate the tree before the attendees arrive at the cremation service, or you could opt to hand an ornament to everyone who arrives and have them be a part in decorating the tree for the lost loved one.

You may also want to have the ornaments in a decorative box by the tree, then ask people to get up during the cremation service to share a memory as they pass around the ornament with the photo of the lost loved one.

Finally, keep in mind that incorporating ornaments in a cremation service is sure to contribute to an unforgettable service. Use your imagination to include the ornaments and tree to celebrate the love that the deceased person had for the holidays and how much the mourners send the person love now.

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