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The Do's And Don'ts Of Setting Up A Photo Display At A Funeral Service

When you are preparing for a funeral, you may be longing for ways to celebrate the life of your lost loved one. It's only natural to want to do justice to a life well-lived with how you remember someone who had a special place in your life. One way that you can pay homage to the person while also providing comfort for fellow mourners is a photo display. Here are some do's and don'ts for setting up the display at your loved one's funeral.

Do Pick Photographs That Capture Stories and Good Memories

The best pictures to display at a funeral are ones that depict great times. That doesn't mean you have to fill the display with photos of weddings and parties. Ordinary moments of joy that were captured in pictures should be represented in the display. You may also ask people to email you their favorite photos to add to the display.

Don't Use Original Pictures in the Photo Display

Never put original photographs on display at a funeral. While the pictures will probably be safely returned to you, you don't want to risk losing irreplaceable photos. If you don't already have duplicates of special pictures, you may be able to scan them into your computer and print copies at various sizes. If you don't have a scanner, an office supply shop or print and ship store should be able to make copies for you.

Do Try to Choose Photos That Include Mourners with Your Loved One

Although the memorial service is all about your lost loved one, you should not choose only solo photos to display. If possible, be sure to include photos of the person with the people who will be sure to attend the funeral. Choose pictures of the deceased person with their closest friends and family members.

Don't Make the Display Too Somber or Serious

One common mistake that people make when creating photo displays for funerals is easy to understand. They make it too serious and sad. There is no need to make the photo display sad in any way. Don't go for a black background or choose sad pictures. The mood of the funeral will be heavy enough. Be sure to make the photo display about celebrating the person's life.

Finally, keep in mind that a photo display is one beautiful way to pay tribute to your loved one's memory at a funeral. Let your creativity soar while designing it. You may want to enlist the help of others who were close to the deceased person while choosing the photos and arranging the display. The funeral home can provide helpful tips as well. Ultimately, it's important to trust yourself and know that you can create just the right tribute to your loved one that will also help mourners at the funeral.