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3 Ways To Make Your Loved One's Funeral More Memorable And Special

Most people do not enjoy attending funerals, let alone having to plan one for a loved one, but this is a part of life that cannot be avoided or prevented. If you are currently planning a funeral for a close relative and are trying to make the funeral day as special as possible, you may want to find a few ideas to use to make this event special. There are many different things you can do to achieve this, and here are some of the common options people use to make funerals more memorable and special.

Make a Memory Table

A person's funeral is really the last day they will be honored and remembered in a large group setting, and many of the people that attend the funeral might be people that your loved one has not seen in many years. To help everyone understand who your loved one was, you should consider creating a memory table. A memory table is always uniquely created for the person you are honoring, and it is designed to give the guests a great idea who this person was and what he or she loved and enjoyed.

The funeral home will set up a table (or more) for you to use for this purpose, and you can include anything you want that will fit on the tables you have. This can include pictures of memorable events in the person's life, such as his or her wedding day. It can also include awards that he or she received throughout life, or it can include memorabilia from the hobby he or she was best known for.

Create A Memory Jar

One really neat thing you could do that would be very special for you and the other close relatives is planning a memory jar or box. The purpose of this is to encourage all the guests at the funeral to write a small note that lists a memory they have of this person. You would need to provide small sheets of paper or index cards for the guests to use, and you would need to make sure there were plenty of pens available. In addition, you could create a beautiful jar or box for them to place their memory cards in.

The nice part about this is that you can read all of these notes at a later point in time, and you could keep them and reread them from time to time. Reading the notes may help remind you of the great memories of this loved one, and you might even learn stories and new things about him or her that you did not know.

Plan A Balloon Or Dove Release

A third great idea to consider using at your loved one's funeral is a balloon or dove release. These are both very popular items used at funerals, but both have different meanings. Releasing balloons is something that is done for several reasons. The first is to attach notes to them as a way of sending the loved one a final message. Some people use balloon releases because they believe that the balloons will guide their loved one to his or her final destination. There are also people that do this simply because they feel it is a great way to say goodbye.

A dove release is often used when the person was in great pain before he or she passed. Releasing doves is often viewed as a symbol of being freed of this pain, and that is why this is often used for people who suffered from terminal illnesses.

When the time comes to plan a funeral, you may want to consider using these ideas to make your relative's service memorable and special. To learn more about this and other ideas, contact a funeral home in your city.