tips for planning a funeral for yourself

Holding A Private Cremation Service On Your Property

If you recently experienced the death of a loved one, you are most likely going through a range of emotions while dealing with grief for the loss of someone you spent time with. If your loved one specified they would like to be cremated after their passing, holding a ceremony in their behalf is a great way to say goodbye while honoring their life with others who had also cared for them. Here are some ideas you can use if you are planning on holding a private cremation service on your property.

Select The Perfect Resting Area

Do an assessment of your property to determine where you would like your loved one's ashes to rest permanently. It is a good idea to place the ashes in a spot where they can be accessed whenever you wish to visit to reflect on your loved one. A spot where your loved one had spent much of their time, as well as a location you can view from one of the windows of your home will give you peace in knowing their ashes are positioned where they have meaning and where you can visit without difficulty. Consider placing a small bench near their final resting spot so you can relax as you visit.

Consider Saving Ashes For Loved Ones

Purchasing small urns or pieces of jewelry that hold ashes to give to family members or friends will be a contribution they will appreciate. These keepsakes will allow others to remember the loved one and will most likely become treasured items. These gifts will be welcomed by those who cannot visit your property as often as they would like as well. A funeral home will be able to provide a variety of choices to select from and they can even be engraved if you desire. A portion of your loved one's ashes can be placed inside these keepsakes and the remainder can be used for the ceremony. Consider handing out these pieces at the event as it will be a meaningful gesture to those who receive one.

Invite Others To Speak At The Event

Asking those who were close to your loved one to share in the spreading of the ashes will give them closure in the death as well as a chance to honor memories with others. Ask a few of your loved one's closest friends or family members to speak at the ceremony. A few words from each person will be likely to encourage others to speak up and share some of the good times they had with your loved one. A releasing of balloons or butterflies, as well as playing some of your loved one's favorite songs will also help to personalize the event and make it remembered by all who attend.