tips for planning a funeral for yourself

Tips For Setting Funeral Goals When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Pre-planning your funeral is a brave and considerate choice. Since death is inevitable for every human being, it makes sense to pre-plan your funeral and take charge of how you'd like your memorial service to someday be conducted. Funeral goals outline exactly what you hope to accomplish with the service.

When you are pre-planning your final plans, it's a good idea to set funeral goals that you can share with your closest loved ones. That way, in addition to your established plans, they will know exactly what your intentions are for your funeral and can use their best judgment to meet those goals. Here are some tips for setting them during the pre-planning process.

Tip #1: Start by Prioritizing Your Wishes

Before you can set definite funeral goals, you need to be very clear on what the most important things to you are. Determine what you want to make very clear to your loved ones who attend your funeral. What parting words or ideas would you like to leave them with? Set priorities so that you can stay focused throughout the goal-setting process.

Tip #2: Watch Famous Funerals Online

Think about what really resonated with you at funerals you've attended. If you have not attended many funerals yourself, you can watch a variety of famous funerals online. Patty Duke's 2016 funeral was livestreamed and then archived online, and many other famous funerals can also be viewed online. When watching these memorial services, consider what you like and dislike about them. They can help you set goals for your own funeral because you can make notes of what you most want to bring out in your own service.

Tip #3: Keep Them Short and Sweet

If you set 100 funeral goals, your loved ones will be entirely overwhelmed, and the odds of the goals being implemented accurately would decrease quite a lot. For the goals to truly matter, you need to limit how many you set and make them as clear and short as possible. Try to set no more than 10 funeral goals. Hone in on what you absolutely want to see accomplished throughout your funeral service. Also, be as clear and to the point as possible when writing your goals.

Finally, keep in mind that funeral goals are meant to be a guide for your loved ones. They can read your goals and implement them when carrying out your funeral plans. That way, if the circumstances have changed a great deal since you pre-planned your funeral, they can still be sure to achieve exactly what you wished with your funeral service